About Dr. Ming

Dr. Ming Zeng has been a medical doctor and acupuncturist since 1982, practicing both Chinese and Western medicine. She has been practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine for almost 40 years; more than two decades of that in the United States. Her practice includes Chinese Acupuncture and Chinese Herbology. “Dr. Ming” as she is fondly called by her patients, has a long and distinguished medical career. Prior to coming to New York, she was the Director and Chief Attending Physician of the Department of Internal Medicine at Beijing Capital International Airport Hospital, one of China’s most distinguished medical facilities. Since 2008, Dr. Ming has been a member of the faculty at the NYU School of Medicine where she treats patients and lectures to medical students. Dr. Ming also has her own clinic where she sees patients six days a week on Park Avenue in New York City.

Medical Training

Her medical training began at Hunan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1977 where she studied parallel courses in both Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine. Following a cardiology residency in Xinjiang, in the far northwest of China, Dr. Ming did post-doctoral studies in Chinese and Western Medicine at Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Dr. Ming has been active in medical research about 40 years. She has published papers and lectured internationally on the applications of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She has been a visiting lecturer at Beijing College of Acupuncture and Orthopedics, the American Acupuncture College, and at New York University. She has presented and published her research in China and the United States on a number of topics focusing on applications of Traditional Chinese Medicine to elder citizens, acupuncture and the treatment of migraine headaches, and the integration of Chinese and Western medicine in treating infertility.

About Sherrie Shen

Sherrie is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who holds a Masters of Science in Clinical Nutrition from New York University; she completed her dietetic internship at New York University and Mount Sinai Hospital. Sherrie’s lineage springs from two generations of medical practitioners. After an initial career in finance, life led her back to her origins – the healing world of healthcare. Sherrie knows firsthand that health is the greatest gift one can have. While working in the finance industry, she experienced its high stress and intense environment, and from that, she developed chronic health issues. Frustrated by her own ailments, she made significant changes to her diet and lifestyle which led to an incredible transformation and spurred her passion for nutrition. 

Through her own positive experiences and a degree in clinical nutrition, Sherrie developed a unique understanding of the relationship between food, science and spirituality. She is knowledgeable in the connection between the mind and body, and believes in the philosophy of food as medicine.  Additionally, Sherrie is Dr. Ming’s daughter and has been exposed to holistic medicine techniques since childhood. She believes that nutrition therapy along with certain holistic medicine therapies is the recipe for true success in leading a clean healthy lifestyle.

Sherrie is determined to help others heal through proper nutrition. When she isn’t working with her clients, you can find Sherrie working out, experimenting with new recipes, or traveling and spending time with her dog Loki! 

Dr. Ming – CV